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One System. One Pass. Just One and Done!

 Simple.  Powerful.  All-in-One.

Video Laryngoscope

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When it's time to Intubate, Every Second Counts..

.. Breathe Easier With OneScope


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Voices of Customers

"I am pleased to report that the OneScope is performing brilliantly and is considered a very valuable tool in the midst of the COVID pandemic. As you may already be aware, much publicity has been released regarding the risks of intubation of a COVID positive patient. Much of the risk can be mitigated by the use of portable video laryngoscopes. I have instituted the OneScope as the primary tool for intubation of these patients, primarily due to it’s portability, ease of use, ease/speed of decontamination and ability to review the intubation via video and screen shot"

"OneScope truly delivers high clinical value and very high economic value to our facility.  Love the ergonomic design, blade choices and the "all in one" solution for adult, pediatric, cart and ability to project on any surface without dongles or adapters."

"Love the large screen, crystal clear HD image quality, light-weight design and best of all, NO batteries to replace or chargers to buy! Charging with micro-USB is not only brilliant but also economic for our budget."

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