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Purpose, Mission and Values

Our Purpose - Unconventional Wisdom


Why did I start PatCen?  This is a question I kept asking myself for quite some time now and have always felt the answer and not been able to articulate it till I read Larry Page’s Foreword in the book titled “How Google Works.”   


To quote Larry Page, “When I was younger and first started thinking about my future, I decided to either become a professor or start a company. I felt that either option would give me a lot of autonomy — the freedom to think from first principles and real-world physics rather than having to accept the prevailing “wisdom.”


This quote helped me articulate my feelings into words on why I started PatCen - a medical device business built on the foundation of “freedom of thought.”  The healthcare industry is mired in Dogma and the need to rethink business models, product development processes, backend systems, money flow and more is higher than ever. 

It is our core belief at PatCen that rethinking the medical device value chain from first principles will yield significant clinical and economic value to the various healthcare stakeholders and improve quality of care while bringing down cost.  These are not just words written in our corporate philosophy but also the principles we abide by in everything we think, everything we do and how we implement our business model.  


To begin with, we put the customer at the center of everything we do.  We always start with the customer and work backwards into our business on how to most effectively fulfill the needs of that customer.  Asking the question “who is the customer” does not yield an easy answer in healthcare as the primary recipient of healthcare (the patient) does not always make the choices of what healthcare they receive and how.  Healthcare really boils down to a conversation between a clinician (a physician in most of the cases) and the patient.  At PatCen, we work very hard to ensure the solutions that we create deliver a great patient experience, both clinically and personally.


Our people model is purely driven by meritocracy.  We believe that leadership is not determined by one’s place on a hierarchical org chart but it’s driven by their ideas, mindset and their ability to challenge and change the dogma.  We firmly believe that no idea is a bad idea and give every idea the needed diligence before we decide to whether to pursue or not pursue it.  Once we do decide to pursue the idea, we move forward aggressively to implement it



Deliver superior clinical and economic value to our healthcare providers by rethinking and reinventing the Healthcare value chain from first principles and by putting the customer/patient in the center of everything we do.


Our company is built on a core foundation that encompasses the following three values:

  1. Customers/Patients: We put the customer at the center of everything we do and always start with the customer and work backwards into our business on how to most effectively serve the customer

  2. People: Make PatCen THE place where employees can achieve their dreams and find purpose, meaning and fulfillment in their work.  We hire clear thinkers who take ownership, can scope a problem and see it through to implementation.  All of our employees share ownership in the company in the form of either Restricted Stock or Stock Options. 

  3. Quality/Compliance: Build PatCen on a solid foundation of Quality and Compliance that stands the test of time.  Patient Safety is our #1 priority and guides our decisions and operating principles.  Compliance with applicable internal/external regulatory requirements is a core part of our DNA

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